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Top 5 ways to earn money online in 2022

Top 5 ways to earn money online in 2022 Trying to earn money online? Tried and Failed? Don't worry, there are multiple ways to earn income online. Some of them are quick. Others require you to have patience and commitment for a long time. But all of the online methods are totally free and have no investment . Let's flip through them one by one. Shall we: 1. Earn through Blogging Blogging is a great way to make money online. Just choose a passionate topic that you know you can write about and share that knowledge and passion with others. You can use your blog as a medium to share your thoughts, ideas, and hobbies which enables you to connect with other people and reach a wide network of people who are passionate about the same thing you are. This network of people will give you the traffic which in return will generate revenue for you. Google Adsense or running targeted ads on your blogs that benefits your readers will make your blogging journey fun a
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Best blogging platform - Wordpress vs Blogger

Best blogging platform- WordPress vs Blogger Blogger versus WordPress Welcome to another post on We Can Create Money Online. In the previous post, we discussed the  top 5 methods to make money online . And blogging is one of my favorites. Before you go and start blogging though you get 1 single question in your mind? Where do I start blogging? The answer is simple to make a blog with any platform like WordPress, Blogger, or Medium. And we get more and more confused. But if you have tried to research and find the best blogging platform for yourself. You will hear two names most of the time: Blogger(aka Blogspot) and WordPress. Both platforms offer their pros and cons. Let's have a detailed look at those: Blogger Blogger is a Google product just like YouTube , Google Drive, and Gmail. Blogger is total focus on accessibility, ease of use, and free price. Blogger is one of the oldest blogging ways to publish your words on the Web. You can cu